The Life

We are actively involved in the 31st anniversary of Couples for Christ. The theme for the community this 2012 is CHOOSE LIFE. And this logo of the anniversary celebration depicts that theme.

You can see the elements of the Vatican’s statues of the Apostles who chose a life of proclaiming the Gospel. It eventually cost them their lives, but brought them to new life in Christ.

You see couples, families, fathers, mothers. All who have chosen a life of commitment. To their spouse, to their children and to families as a whole. Very radical in this day and age of separation and divorce. Rarely do you see families who are standing up for what is right and true.

You see young people in prayer and in worship. Another way to choose life is to choose to honor and praise God who made all life. And those are ways of always connecting to Him and making known His plan in our own life.

And it is capped off with a reminder from the Bible of what it means to choose life. All made with the color of new life: blue.


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