Six in the City

Over the past few days, I have been listening and reflecting on the past and future of the community. And one thing keeps popping up now and then: New Evangelization. Not really new, because the message of evangelization never changes. But the WAY we do it – that’s what changes. No one ever thought we would be so into social media even ten years ago. Just as no one would have thought of the advances in mobile phones even twenty years ago. No one thought we would ever have automated printed books even. But times change. And things become different. The message remains the same, but the processes change.

Just think if a novel had to still be written by hand every time. In spite of all the advances in technology. Sure it will be interesting to have a copy – to wait for it – but… WHY? Why relegate your message to a couple of hundred people when you can touch millions?

So last night, we decided – for our talent night presentation – to adapt our message of choosing life (which also hasn’t changed) to something new: by way of a song and dance number. We picked an old melody, though. But if you sing it to the right tune and imagine us dancing it – it brings about new laughter and joy.

Here are the lyrics, and sing it to YMCA:

Now to find a video of the six of us doing the actions (hence, six in the city)…


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