Walking billboards

I chanced upon the latest episode of “Maalala Mo Kaya”, “Flyers”, last Saturday night-one of the few I actually got to get a glimpse of. Amidst the hustle and bustle of work and household duties, what grabbed me was the character of an old woman, Aurelia “Auring” Matias. It was obvious that she and her husband went way back, the typical “heart-warming” beginning unfolding into a potential story of forever. And true enough, there she was, old and wrinkled, searching for her equally aged husband whose alzheimer’s had taken him away from her secure arms into the wild jungle of a city. It’s no surprise though, that love compels this old lady in search for her husband, however her means to find him were what struck me.

Feeble and frail, walking the threatening streets of the city, taped on her chest the photo of her beloved, living on the hope that she may be reunited with him once again.  More than how that episode ended the way I wanted it to, I thought of her; the walking billboard. More than what she looked like or how she struggled in pursuit of her husband, she made sure that people heard her pleas wherever she went. She went beyond her comfort zone and tapped strangers; no one was an exception from being a possible witness. In other words, regardless of how famous she got in the end, she made him, Luis Matias, famous.

I think of all the billboards I pass on EDSA, whether it’s half naked men I don’t need to see, or questions with double meanings, which tend to offer measurement to many of how “green” and perverted their minds have come to be, and I’m quite annoyed, but more perplexed at how it has all come to this.

I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice if we too were walking billboards? But in our case, we make Jesus famous. We walk, talk and live Jesus. And when people ask us why we’ve got Jesus taped on us, we’d have the answers they’ve been longing and searching for their whole life. I look at the picture of Lola Auring locked in embrace with her husband after finally being reunited, and I think of how by being a walking billboard, I can help bring someone back intro the loving embrace of God.  Now that’s a nice picture.



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