Modern Day Serpent

Several truths have been twisted in this day and age. And as a result, we have been confronted with several issues: RH Bill, same sex marriage, divorce, Lady Gaga’s concert, a bill banning religious rites and symbols in government offices, and a lot more. There have been several debates, formal and informal, about these issues. And in all these, there’s one common justification I’ve been consistently hearing – we have the freedom of choice. And then I began to ask myself, if we all have freedom of choice does that mean everything would be acceptable since everything will be based on the judgment of every individual? Obviously, the answer is NO.

Back in college, I learned from my Political Dynamics professor that no freedom is absolute. And that the freedom of one person ends when his/her action suppresses the freedom of another. The same goes for our freedom of choice. Our freedom ends when our choices suppress the freedom of another. For instance, one cannot choose to murder a person because it suppresses the freedom of that person to live. In that sense, our freedom of choice should only be among good things. But we should also discern about these good things because not everything that appears to be good is actually good for the modern day serpent is at work.

In Genesis 3 we learned that the serpent caused the downfall of Adam and Eve. God has commanded Adam to eat any of the fruits in the garden except the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for if he eats it, he will surely die. (Genesis 2:16) However, the serpent twisted the truth and said to Eve, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Eve got deceived and saw the fruit from the forbidden tree as something good. She ate it and shared it with Adam. Then they realized they were naked so they made themselves coverings and when they heard God, they hid themselves from Him. (Genesis 3:4-8)

The serpent continues to deceive us today. The evil things are being sugar-coated so it would appear good (e.g. it’s for the welfare of women, it’s an art). And if we bite into these sugar-coated evil things, we slowly become brain-washed. We begin to think that evil is actually good. And then we draw away from God just as Adam and Eve have hidden themselves from Him.

We are truly in a spiritual warfare now. We should not let our guard down during this crucial time. Let us always keep our eyes open to see the truth in all things. We should not allow the serpent to deceive us and cause our downfall. Most importantly, we must not forget that we are not alone in this battle, God is (and will always be) with us. With God by our side, we will surely win this battle. Let’s claim our victory now!



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