Band-Aid It!

I was riding the jeep to the office this morning when I felt huge blobs of water coming from above. It was raining and the jeep was packed so there was no chance of moving away from the leak. Good thing a kind gentleman demanded from the driver to give him a piece of cloth. He placed his hand over the leak for the entire ride. I said a gesture of thanks to the Good Samaritan but my eyes focused on that little white cloth patching up the leak.

I remember collecting band-aids when I was young. Those that came in different colors and sizes. Suddenly, having a wound in the knee became fashionable…as long as there was a pink-striped Band-Aid to cover it up.

To cover it up. This happens all around us:

-The rise in teen pregnancies and HIV? Cover it up with the RH Bill!

-Prevalence of slums in the Metro? Cover it up with deathly demolitions!

-Lots of flooded areas? Cover it up with relief centers and goods!

-Porn in media? Cover it up with censors!(well just censors, go ahead and it’s still available to see/hear)

(There are lots, I think you all have your own versions now in your head.)

Simply Band-Aiding the problem doesn’t do it any good. An infected wound needs to be treated right away, killing all those little colonies of bacteria that could dig deep into the flesh and cause an even bigger wound. Then again, we are so used to patching up all the big things that happen around us. And what is sad about it, is that it is okay for everyone. If we can’t do the Band-Aid, we turn a blind eye to the realities. Just like how prevalent Child Trafficking is lately and nothing is being done to radically put a stop to the situation. For all we know, just like what we hear in hush-hush conversations about politics, the authorities may have some monetary benefit from all the hullabaloo, but well that’s another story.

My point? Well I know that I cannot propose an immediate solution to everything nor reiterate the cliche that change will begin if we elect more moral lawmakers to implement better laws. We actually have heard better solutions over and over already but I guess we got used to just covering things up that we continuously forget. Who doesn’t want the easy way out?

So instead of doing the usual cover-ups, target the disease where it is rooted.

Easy to say, hard to do. But with voices speaking up courageously, with hands and feet working towards better solutions to the problems we face in society…the band-aid mentality can just be a thing in the past. It may take time, like how an antibiotic may take 5-7 days to heal a laceration. But just like what doctors usually say…never miss a dose or else, expect a backlash from an even more powerful strain of bacteria. As for us, may we never stop speaking, may we never stop acting.



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