Hold On to Your Panties

I never tagged myself as a style guru or claimed to know every single tip on which outfit matches what certain body type; but one thing is for sure, I know that the line between fashionable ‘sexy’ and plain tacky or ‘slutty’ is not a thin one.

Some of the recent trending topics of twitter and facebook, as well as articles manifest for me a very subtle attack on womanhood. Well, actually that was sugar-coating the truth. The truth is girls nowadays choose to forget what their worth, how beautiful they are regardless of their size, and let their insecurity deceive them into thinking that the more skin they show, the more they will be attractive and wanted by the opposite sex. Yes sure, but for the wrong reasons.

One of the most scandalous things I came across online was the “No panty day”, which encouraged girls to ‘dress accordingly’ on June 22. I cannot imagine how many girls took a bite of that gimmick but what gets me annoyed is how some guys actually think that they can disrespect women that way and get away with it.  More than that, what scares me is the possible reality that girls nowadays think that beauty is only surface deep; that they have to project themselves a certain way, and wear certain clothes to be beautiful. What we as women, often take for granted is that we were created holy for a purpose that a beautiful mind such as God’s can only conceive. The breasts media teaches us to showcase are what will feed our future children; what rappers tag as our ‘booties’ is not meant to nurture perverted imaginations, rather show the hand of God in his design on the woman. When we dress scantily we put ourselves into vulnerable situations, and make ourselves sexual objects that lead men to sin, which is not our purpose.

In reality, modesty is attractive; it attracts the good kind of guy. According to deMarco (1999), “Modesty is the virtue that allows one to focus on what is good without being distracted by irrelevant superficialities.” With Katy Perry flaunting all sorts of colorful bras, and Lady Gaga’s clothing suggesting a shortage of textile in the world, it’s hard for some girls to look beyond salivating men. Good men do not want a woman who does not know what she’s worth, or whose beauty does not point him to his creator. If you want a good man, dress like you deserve one. For the men, if you want a beautiful and virtuous woman, treat all women with reverence so that you can recognize a woman worth fighting for when you see her. This article is a reminder to women like me to stand as an instrument what is good and beautiful, that people around them may see the design of God in who they are, and be at awe of his handiwork. At the end of the day, modesty should not be set “aside”. It’s what should be inside (who you are), and outside (what you wear).

They say “our clothes reflect our personality”. If you haven’t even got your panties on, what does that say about you? Don’t make me say it.



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