Mediated Relationships

I was on my way to the office when I heard the radio ad of a telecommunications company. The storyline of that radio ad is basically about lovers quarreling. The guy and girl broke up just because the girl did not receive the guy’s apology which he sent through text.

Through this ad, I came to realize that relationships nowadays have become mediated. Before, everything seems to be so personal. For instance, a guy who wanted to pursue a girl would bravely visit her in their house and talk to her parents. Nowadays, guys would usually just get the girl’s cellphone number and would start texting her some pick-up lines. Before, friendships were built through face to face meetings. But now, friendships are built through Facebook. Before, kids would go out in the street to play patintero or tumbang preso. Today, kids would just sit in front of the computer to play online games.

On one hand, advancement in technology made our lives better. And it has made communication a lot easier. Now, we can communicate with everyone through social networking sites. We can now talk to our relatives abroad using Skype for free. It’s now much easier to reconnect with old classmates and schoolmates through group pages. On the other hand, there are instances when this advancement in technology creates room for misunderstanding. For instance, there’s now what we call twitter war, break-ups through text, cyber-bullying, and so on and so forth.

Truly, relationships have become mediated. But one important relationship remains to be personal. And that is our relationship with God. We don’t need a load to text Him, we don’t need an internet connection to email Him our message, we don’t need a Facebook account to be friends with Him. All we need is an open heart, a heart that is ready to communicate with Him. A heart that is willing to acknowledge that God is our most faithful Friend. Anytime and anywhere, He is always available, ready to listen. And He has always been inviting us to have a personal relationship with Him. Now the question is, will you say yes?


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