Much Ado about Avatars

Facebook recently allowed people to use two same-sex avatars to portray themselves as married. Obviously, this is the liberal media pushing their value-less-ness to the world through popular social media outlets.

It’s not a surprise that the West is liberal. It seems they love their pets more than they love newly conceived babies. They get upset when animals are treated badly, but abortion is a no-biggie to them. They want the freedom to be able to say anything, do anything, be anything – without fear of repercussions. To me though, that’s not freedom, that’s gross irresponsibility.

We have to start teaching our kids that values are worth fighting for. That even if the world tries to push their half-truths and candy-coated lies down our throats, we can still stand up and fight for what is right. We have to teach parents that the choices they make have effects. Effects that may be small at first, but will grow as we keep choosing them.

So we MUST keep choosing right. Choosing to live in the light. Choosing God over all. Even if people will mock us and make fun of us. Because at the end, living a life that is true and good will make us happy, content and at peace. And that is what everyone is looking for. 🙂


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