Nicki Minaj in the Dark

So Nicki Minaj is coming to town and you can already imagine the multitudes of people waiting on it. Her tunes are on repeat on our ipods, and besides that you’ve got bored or adventurous people “lip-dubbing” the chart-topper “Superbass”. She sports pink hairdos and flashy colored bras but more than her fashion statements and her catchy tunes subtly glazed with swearing, she’s gotten herself a reputation for mocking the Catholic Church.

You’ve probably heard this familiar note when Lady Gaga came over, so you can take this as another call to people to really look into what people they follow really stand for. Nicki Minaj certainly got our attention during her Grammy performance when she acted possessed and was exorcized. The creative aspect of her performance can be seen as her way of stirring talk and grabbing the attention of the Catholic Church. One can easily argue that art is subjective and not to be taken literally, and besides are we not entitled to freedom of expression? How then is Nicki Minaj exempted from that?

One should take this article as a member of the Catholic Church exercising her freedom to express how artists such as Nicki Minaj have violated the sanctity of the Catholic faith. Exorcism or the act/prayer of protection from the evil one or the driving out of evil spirits was counted as one of the different kinds of miracles that Jesus did, besides healing the sick and multiplying the loaves and two fish to feed the multitudes of people.  According the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, Jesus worked miracles to as “signs that the Kingdom of God was beginning, and they expressed his love for mankind and reaffirmed his mission.” Nicki Minaj disregarded the impact of some one possessed, that it is not some joke, rather a manifestation of an individual’s bondages, may it be psychological or spiritual. It is a point when human faculties prove vulnerable and divine help is what they need. Added to that her performance included the mockery of the altar, and the servants of the church, an obvious target, the Pope. Not only did Nicki Minaj dress in crimson and walk the red carpet next to a man dressed us the Pope, but an altar boy kneeling between her legs in prayer was part of her act which scandalized strong Catholics.

What separates the Catholic Church from the rest is that she stands as “apostolic”, this is because she was founded by the apostles, who were immediate witnesses of the life and teachings of Christ. The Catholic Church holds fast to its traditions and protects an apostolic succession. Minaj disregarded the important and sacred role that the Pope holds in the Catholic Church. The Pope is the successor of Peter, who was given by Jesus, an important role over the apostles. He stands as the “source and guarantor of the Church unity,” and “He has the supreme pastoral authority and the final authority in doctrinal and disciplinary decisions”.  The Pope is a reminder of the spirit’s movement in our Catholic Church and the world she exists in. He upholds the relevance of Christ’s teachings to modern day realities. Minaj’s mockery of the Pope is an attack on Church tradition and leadership, one that the Catholic Church prides as God’s own design.

It really is funny how many artists think that they can easily mock the Catholic Church and all she stands for. Perhaps from a Catholic’s perspective, it is a wake up call for us to stand against those who disrespect our faith. People, including ourselves, have forgotten the beauty of the design of the Catholic Church, how Jesus’ message of love has saved us from our sins, or how the Church has survived centuries of persecutions. We are still one of the oldest institutions, we established the concept of hospitals and universities (making education available to all); and we are still the largest charitable organization. We have gotten more blows than any other religious institution, and outsiders put out a firing squad to try and shoot us down every time we speak up, but it’s not stopping us. Now more than ever, it reminds us that we have been saved, and calls us to defend our faith from those who choose to attack us. It’s time to TURN THE LIGHTS ON.


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