Now Trending: God

Trending has become a popular term in this social media era. It refers to something that is being widely talked about online. Trending topics can either be a person, event, word, phrase, and what have you. And among the several social networking sites, Twitter seems to be the most popular venue for setting the trend.

Today, popularity of celebrities, concerts, advocacies, music, TV shows, etc. seems to be gauged based on their trending spot on Twitter. News shows like 24 Oras and TV Patrol even find some of the trending topics on Twitter newsworthy. Some individuals are now tweeting their stand on certain issues. This goes to show that Twitter is no longer just a microblogging site. It has become the many voices that  people listen to.

So I was tweeting last Tuesday night when two trending topics caught my attention. On the 9th spot was “I Love God” and on the 10th spot was “Only God.” I was amazed. I’m not twitter-holic so it was actually my first time to see  something about God trend. I was easily moved to tweet something related to “I Love God.” It was such a good feeling to see people talk about Him. And as I was reading the tweets of other people, I got so inspired.  I said to myself, “Finally, someone worth trending!”

I was hoping to see more trending topics about God. Surprisingly, last night “Another Blessing from God” was trending and today “Thanks God” is trending. If people would only talk about God everyday, I could just imagine how inspirational and how life-changing Twitter, as well as the other social networking sites, can be. And if every individual who experiences God’s greatness in their lives would tweet about it, then there will be only ONE VOICE that people would listen to. 




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