Can we live without Google?

Unheard of! How can we live without Google? It has become such an integral part of life that when people ask us questions we reply: “Google it.”

But Google, if uncontrolled, can be dangerous. It takes only about 2 or 3 clicks to get to sites which should have stricter adult warnings – or not be online at all. Google pictures always show half (or more) naked people – no matter what you search. You just have to scroll down.

And this is dangerous because kids have access. And even adults. Our eyes are swayed easily, and one click leads to another and another – until we find ourselves stuck. And that leads to more illicit activity, and more sin.

But can we live without Google? Yes.

Research with the books you have at home. Ask people what they know. Go to the library. Study, use your school books! That’s how we used to do it before. And all that promote ingenuity, passion, exercise, relationships – everything that is being lost in this internet and Google age.

Instead of walking to the library, we just sit in fron of our laptops. Instead of asking and speaking to people, we search and search online – with no need to speak or interact with people.

Google is not only dangerous, it is life and relationship threatening.

So yes we can live without Google. And we should. It may be harder than what we are used to, but it will be healthier for us. Mind, body and most especially, soul.


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