…And Katie Holmes is Home.

They say there’s really no place like home. Katie Holmes learned it the hard way when she ended her 5-year marriage with Scientologist and actor, Tom Cruise.
This is both good and bad news. Bad news since a break-up is indeed painful; especially if a marriage ends and most especially if there are kids involved. I could imagine how hard it could have been for Katie, who believed that the love she thought was true was enough to take in the complication that is Tom Cruise. Even to the point of leaving behind her identity as a Catholic in order to embrace Scientology.


I think we have seen how Katie really gave her heart out to make the marriage work. We have seen how it was a fairytale come true: marrying the man everyone thought was the man of their dreams. Then again I try to look into those five years and I believe that it had also been a struggle in her part to suddenly change the beliefs she has held in her heart for so long. Especially if these new beliefs seem to counter the old. I can imagine the agony of a silent birth, of changing perspective that the God of mercy who died for love doesn’t exist and we came from more intelligent beings from outer space, of the turmoil within if it was right to indoctrinate Suri, her young daughter with Cruise, into this twisted faith.

Good news? Katie realized that home is where the heart is. The Catholic faith is where her heart is. It is beautiful to think that her story was the modern-day version of the Prodigal Son. She reached that point, I guess, that enough is enough; this isn’t me anymore and I don’t want my daughter to feel the same torture in the soul.


I firmly believe that her realization was all grace from God. Like that blinding light that converted Paul in Damascus. God has seen the pain in her heart and freed her from it. This is the amazing love of God! When we think we can’t move on from the dark corner we curl up in, He makes a move to shake the fear that stops us…and leads us to the light, giving us that peace in the heart we so long for.


Katie Holmes is taking baby steps back to the Catholic faith and just like how the father in the Prodigal Son story embraced the erring son and seemed to erase everything that he did from memory…we welcome back with open arms this sister in Christ.


Hello, Katie Holmes…welcome back home.


Source story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/09/katie-holmes-catholic-church_n_1659466.html



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