The Three Deadliest Words In The World: It’s A Girl!

“Sarap Maging Babae!” (It feels good to be a woman!).  This was one of the key messages we shared to our OFWs in Israel, mostly Filipinas, in a recent mission trip there.  It was a beautiful experience seeing women come alive after a renewed appreciation of their identity, their beauty, their purpose, their worth and their many gifts.

Womanhood is truly a blessing and it is worth celebrating.  Or is it?  An upcoming documentary film exposes the hideous secret that in countries like China and India, being a girl is synonymous to a death sentence.  “It’s A Girl!”, produced by Shadowline Films, reveals some very disturbing facts:  “The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls are ‘missing’ in the world today” because of “gendercide” (the systematic killing of a particular gender).  “Today, India and China eliminate more girls than the number of girls born in America every year.”

200 million girls!  That is double the entire population of the Philippines!  People are getting killed, aborted or abandoned at every stage of life – from inside the womb, as little girls, as new brides, as wives and widows – all because they are girls!  It is a persecution and an annihilation in its grandest scale.

What disturbs me further is how the rest of the world could have pretended that they do not know about this.  It is not as if this is something that happens that we cannot do anything about like an earthquake.  200 million girls do not disappear just like that … unless just as many hundreds of millions of people decided to turn deaf, blind, and numb, and allowed this monstrosity to become a “way of life”.   What way of life is that which treats these “missing” women and girls as mere statistics?  These are human beings and an entire cultural system is wiping them out.

It gets worse.  Melinda Gates just raised over 4 billion dollars to distribute birth control to poor women in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  A woman is spearheading this global campaign to help poor women get rid of more girls.

Watch the full documentary film “It’s A Girl” when it starts screening in September 2012.  May you be disturbed as I was.  A disturbed conscience is a good thing because that means God intends to send us a message.  May we become constantly disturbed to do something about the many issues that affect the lives of men, women and children from conception to natural death.

I remember the story of Queen Esther in the Old Testament when she hesitated to do something to save her people (the Jews) from certain death.  Her foster father, Mordecai, said to her “Do not suppose that because you are in the king’s palace, you alone of all the Jews will escape.  If you remain silent now, relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from another source, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows – perhaps you have come to the throne for just such a time as this.”  (Esther 4:13-14)  Queen Esther then mustered the courage to take action, and in the end, she did save the Jews.

Perhaps, we have come to enjoy the blessing of being born women in a Catholic nation like the Philippines, “for just such a time as this”.  May we fulfill our God-given destiny.   Like Queen Esther, let us pray for courage to take action, so that in this world, ALL  nations will celebrate the good news that “It’s a girl!”

Mama Mary, please pray for us.

“It’s A Girl” Documentary Film – Official Trailer:


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