Executive Optical has its values crisscrossed

Have you seen the billboards of Executive Optical? They are truly witty and funny. They are able to effectively sell the idea that they can address the need of people who have poor eyesight. This series has been going on for sometime now. The first one that caught  my eye was the the guy being tattooed on his back. It was supposed to be I love Ruby but due to the tattoo artist´s eye condition, he mistook the letter “b” to be “d” that he misspelled it to Rudy which was obviously a major blunder. That billboard was supplemented by a TV Commercial which I caught in Youtube . The story continued on with the tattoo artist getting an eye check up and eyeglasses at Executive Optical. He then was able to correct his mistake by making the letter “d” to a  capital “b”. See the link. http://www.eo-executiveoptical.com/advertisements

Then they have the billboards for the poor performance of a barber for having poor eyesight as well as the mom interchanging the plate of his kid and the feeding bowl of his puppy. A lot of them are witty and humorous but there were 2 which was disturbing. One was a billboard which I saw when I was driving along EDSA and the other was a tv ad.which can be found in Youtube which happens to have a supplemental billboard as well . They had different scenarios but were both saying the same thing. Check these pictures:

The first ad I cited in the link tells the consumers that fairly skinned guys or mestizos should be preferred over dark skinned guys . It even referred to the girl as being a loser. Does  the preference of not so good looking guy to a guys who has the looks of a matinee idol constitute to being a loser? Isn´t basing a person´s worth on one´s looks more of a loser´s attitude?

The second ad is quite the same except that there was no mestizo guy involved. In the TV ad, after the getting her eyes checked, the girl left the poor guy.  The premise of that ad is that more women have more eye damage than men, but what their ads proclaim seem to be that women are more damaged not with their sight but with their outlook  and with the value in their hearts.

Executive Optical has their values crisscrossed. They proclaim that poor eyesight leads to poor performance but what they have shown is that poor value system, leads to poor choices. They did not exercise good discernment in coming out with these ads. They have been branded as racists but I believe its not just about racism but poor value judgment which is prevalent in the media and advertising world today.

I would rather have a poor eyesight than have a poor heart. And we all have to get our hearts not just our eyes checked.  Let us remember what the fox said to the Little Prince, “It is with the heart that one sees rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” (Antoine de Saint Exupery.)


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