The Olympics, Solar Sports, TV5 and Commercials

Just like a lot of Filipinos, I woke up at 4:00AM on a Saturday to watch the opening ceremonies of The Olympics. The Olympics are held only every 4 years, and this is where all the top athletes of the world compete, so it was something worth waking up for. Added to that was the expectation set last Olympics in Beijing where the opening ceremonies were … AWESOME.

I won’t get into the comparisons of opening ceremonies, though I do think Beijing will be hard to beat. They set the bar extremely high. The London one was more of thanking individuals, a lot of videos, cut up into segments instead of being fluid…. and I really didn’t get what was going on if not for the Twitter commentary explaining what was going on, who was who, etc. Oh well.

The point of this was we all got up at 4AM, turned on the TV to the two channels that were going to stream it… and what do we get? COMMERCIALS. I mean, come on. It should be watched as one cohesive, flowing program. Instead, Solar Sports cuts to commercials every time a video comes on. And so, they cut James Bond fetching the Queen from her palace. They probably took the videos as a filler and so filled it with commercials instead. Same with TV5. GOOD THING is that both channels would cut to commercials at different times, so all you needed to do was surf between channels and you wouldn’t miss anything.

Whoever decided when to put in the commercials, though, should be fired. And the fact that when you cut back to the feed you didn’t take up where you left off… well, you cut off how many minutes of the whole show?

Terrible. What is going on? Yes, you paid millions to get the rights to the show. And you have to recoup that money. BUT that’s the point. Did you want to bring the show to the people? Sow e can get inspired and root for our team? Or did you just want to squeeze it for every single peso you can get out of it.

Inspiration or net profit? Can’t it go hand in hand?

I have no qualms with showing replays replete with commercials. But the LIVE STREAM, that should be off-limits. Maybe you could have just tattered the screen with logos, instead of cutting to the commercials.

It was a good show at 4AM. Would have been better if the TV Channels let us sit down and watch in peace, instead of interrupting us with cell phone jingles.


One comment

  1. this is my first time to watch the olympics in the philippines and the coverage is a joke. solar tv just keeps cutting to commercials (the SAME commercials on repeat — Smart UNLI, Boysen, etc.) randomly or switching to different events IN THE MIDDLE of qualifications or heats. there’s no point in even watching when it’s just a jumbled mess

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