When Kiddie Mornings Used to be Sesame Street and The Flying House

Sesame Street, Batibot, The Flying House, Captain Planet, Daddy Longlegs, Little Women, Princess Sarah, Cedie…

…the list goes on and on. If you are a 90s kid, you will understand how television used to be a fun, learning experience!

This was why when I came across this:

memories of mornings with my neighbors came to mind! My world seemed to stop when Oscar the Grouch was on screen. Big Bird, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Elmo, Cookie Monster! Each day with them taught me values a kid needed to know: sharing, throwing my trash properly, respecting elders, playing fair. ABCs were fun to memorize since they put it in a song:

I had the soundtrack on cassette tapes, I had Sesame Street storybooks. Even my preschool in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was named, Sesame Street International School. You get to choose whose character will appear on your birthday!

On Sundays, I remember waking up to:

Flying House! Stories of kids following Jesus’ story in the bible. It introduced me to who Jesus was in full color and made me dream that one day, when I grow up, I’d like to hop in that Flying House to heaven.

Mornings tuning in to free TV made my mom allow me to watch alone. Well because the programs being shown were safe for kids then to watch.

So what litters morning TV nowadays?

Kris TV, telenovelas of infidelity, Japanese animation (well some have values but well…there’s still so much fighting going on).

There are a few, such as Art Angel and Jolliotown Season, that kids can safely watch but gone were the days when shows were such a hit that almost every kid in town stopped playing to get glued to the TV.

Sesame Street, Batibot, Flying House!

Let’s bring back good kiddie shows on air. Shows that will teach kids lessons that they will bring until they grow old. And make them big hits!

As for me, I smile reminiscing that basic, good stuff a kid should know…I learned on TV (well aside from being taught to me by my parents). So let me take you back to the happy days as I end this write-up with this:


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