Catholic, Filipino and Speaking Up!

I was surfing the net, as always, and I came across this interesting Catholic speaker promotion: Support a Catholic speaker. They asked for people to nominate Catholic speakers (except the Pope, Bishops and well, the one nominating can’t nominate himself). And then, when they have a list of 100, they’ll ask Bloggers to write about them. They have a list of 250 and are now trimming it to 100 – big job! Next week they’ll have their final list of 100.

Brought me to thinking… who are good speakers who are Filipino and Catholic? So, let’s do this. Promote good, Filipino and Catholic speakers. Comment who you suggest, if you can, post a link to his / her page. Then we will compile it and promote that list all over the Philippines.


1. Catholic.

2. Like the links above, not the Bishops. But priests, yes.

3. Filipino (in or out of the Philippines)

[Added: If non-Filipino, he / she must be living in the Philippines.]

So spread the word, comment and let’s promote our good, Catholic, Filipino speakers!



  1. Kuya Ike Abastillas
    a catholic, loves God, and willing to help the one’s who fall down on their knees. He is a good exemplar of a Filipino Catholic, he also speaks in a lively manner, that no one gets bored. Everyone loves Kuya Ike. πŸ™‚ ❀

  2. Chief Justice Artemio V Panganiban – Chief Justice of Supreme Court; Member, Pontifical Council for the Laity 1996-2001; Vice-Chairman and Chief Legal Officer, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting

  3. Edwin Lopez of EWTN is a powerful Catholic speaker. He is able to connect with teens as well as adults. His life story is a testament to God’s love and mercy.

    Bernie Villegas continues to be consistently effective. While know more as an economist, and one of the framers of the Constitution, his love for the Church and deep knowledge of Catholic doctrine make him one of the best Catholic speakers around.

    Dr. AntonioTorralba is one of the funniest presenters around. He is the man behind “I Keep Love Real”, which has transformed the lives of thousands of teens all around the country.

  4. Dr. Raul Nidoy makes one of the best presentations on the RH lies, making use of scientific and econimic/social reasons only. He is a philosopher, and an expert in Catholic doctrine.

  5. Lay nominees:

    Arun Gogna too. Funny, articulate. Able to make simple thoughts to life-changing speeches. Theology professor in CSB, author, LOJ, active in our parish here in Pque πŸ™‚

    Kuya Joseph and Kuya Cocoi too. πŸ™‚ And ate Mariel Tesoro πŸ™‚
    Pat Oconer.
    Xavy Padilla.

  6. More kerygma / LOJ preachers who I already heard talked:
    Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, editor in chief, Shepherd’s Publications.
    Michael Angelo Lobrin, author of Laugh With God Today. (a really funny speaker)
    Alvin Barcelona, Marilao Bulacan Feast (LOJ gathering) Builder.

  7. fr. ramon “mon” eloriaga
    parish priest of St Joseph Parish in Project 3.
    a very inspiring and good speaker.
    just like what his parishioner’s song for him,
    “he is a jolly and good fellow,
    he is a jolly and good fellow,
    that nobody can’t deny.
    that nobody can’t deny.”

    1. Hi Ms. Maia..we have in common when it comes to impression to the Parish Priest of Saint Joseph..Father Ramon Elioraga is exactly a good Catholic Speaker. Aside from his very inspiring way of delivering homily also he always showed a manifestation of wisdom & intelligence. He has a convincing power in presentation of a gospel.He inspires a lot of mass goers..Thus, with all these description , parishioners really admire him and looked up at him. and so our one common wish is for his longer stay @ Saint Joseph Parish.

  8. Msgr. Frederick Kriekenbeek, H.P.
    Founder/Father Moderator of Mary’s Little Children Community, Founder of Living the Gospel Community,
    Spiritual Director of Catholic Charismatic Renewal – Cebu,
    Official Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Cebu

    “Frederick Kriekenbeek: At God’s Beck & Call” – Jose Maria De Nazareno (2011, St. Pauls Philippines)

  9. Sar Castillo

    His site-
    His idea stream-
    His company-

    He’s the Managing Director of Expectant Mind Consulting Solutions. He speaks and teaches leadership to improve governance, with a deep and intense focus on integrity, self knowledge & productivity and self driven change to make an impact in moving organizations to the next level.

    Most of his main leadership and integrity talking points are rooted in his early experience of serving in Community both in the Philippines (Campus-Based, South Sector and Cagayan de Oro) and briefly in South Africa as a Missionary.

    He also writes regularly on SarStream, his personal Idea Stream of a blog.

    What can I say? Love your own. πŸ™‚

  10. Wilbert Bacudio
    he is a founder of Legacy of God Family,
    author of Youth Servant Leadership Weekend for the teens,
    co founder of BEC Prayer meeting in their comunity, Sampalok.

    Dhes Tenebroso
    she is 1 one of the builder of Legacy of god Family.
    speaker of Youth servant Leadership weekend.
    co founder of BEC Prayer meeting in Sampalok

    this two speaker start their mission at very young age as a facilatator, not only in terms of religiosity but also in terms of leadership, management, teambuilding and many more. now they have also a scholarship program for the youth using their own resources and ofcourse with faith and love. they are much active now serving their parish (jesus,the divine healer), and diocese of paranaque and other communities. active also in different ministries and groups.

    this two speakers have a powerful speaking style on how to deliver the message of God to the people. especialy the youth. they are good in teambuilding, leadership training, encounters with God, life in the spirit seminar, servant leadership and many more. and their service is offer with love, and for God. try it once and im sure you will never forget your experience with kuya wilbert and ate dhes.

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