Kung Walang BUHAY, Kulang.

This is the latest Pro-“Moms” Ad of obviously-running-for-senator Rissa Hontiveros.

You know what party by the color of her shirt. And you can see how funded the RH campaign is. From where? Hmm.

The commercial, pro-Reproductive Health Bill, tells of how important mothers are. It depicts pictures of precious moments in one’s life where mothers are taken away from the picture.

Yes, let us take care of mothers. The essence of motherhood is to carry a life. To bring forth LIFE. Women were blessed by God to share this wonderful gift of “procreation” with Him. In the decision to carry on a life, it isn’t solely the mother’s choice. She simply shares this with the Giver of Life, the ultimate source of life.

You and I are products of our mothers’ decision to keep us and nurture us. You and I are products of God’s gift of LIFE to our mothers.

Yes, let us take care of mothers. What will intrauterine devices, birth control pills, Depo-Provera do to these mothers? Will a mother taking carcinogenic pills live to see the wedding of that daughter in the picture, say she gets inflicted with Breast Cancer? What will it do to future mothers?

We can look the commercial, too, in another perspective. Let’s take away the kids of these mothers. What will be left? Won’t the young women in the pictures be mothers, too? Isn’t having children, allowing them to LIVE part of motherhood, too?

“Kung Walang Nanay, Kulang.”

Let’s look at it this way: “Kung Walang Buhay, Kulang…”

Indeed, “Kulang na kulang talaga.”


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