Anna Banana was cute. But you’ve gone too far, PLDT

I liked Derek’s YouTube video asking Anna Banana to lunch. Even saying he’d dance like a monkey if she agreed. It was cute. Puppy love. And well, it showed bravery of a boy who wanted to get to know a girl.

I was a little off when Anna’s video came out publicly making fun of Derek. Girls shouldn’t shoot down people in public. We are taught to praise in public, correct in private. Though with Facebook, Twitter and all that, it seems everyone wants to make a spectacle of everything in their lives. Like we want to put on a show. Or get as many like, favorites or comments as possible. We complain that we have no privacy yet we post everything on line itching to get a reaction.

And now, this.

This really irks me. They are asking girls from 12 years old to send in videos asking Derek to choose them. They should sing, dance or do all sorts of things to get his attention. Not very good. And not Filipino at all. This is all part of the Western ideals to make women think that they have to impress a man to get his attention. They have to run after him to make him want them.

And these girls are young! What do their parents think? They think it is an easy way to stardom? Do they know what kind of values they are teaching their young girls when they tell her to dance in front of a camera for a boy they don’t even know?

PLDT, your first commercial was cute. And now, you’ve gone too far. Put the chivalry back in men. Cut this campaign and let Derek do the singing and dancing. Let him work for it. Girls are just too special and precious to be used for entertainment.


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