Rediscovering Catholicism: The Key to Revive the Fire of Catholicism is Authenticity

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I think I wouldn’t state the obvious anymore on what is the real, Catholic situation in the country.

I got disappointed enough reading comments in social media regarding how one is a “devout” Catholic and is pro-Reproductive Health Bill and then goes on lambasting the Catholic Bishops who are vocal against the bill.

With much reflection on what has been happening, in between conversations with Catholics who share the same sentiment as I am that we should, indeed, go back and examine what seems to be the missing link towards making Catholics understand what the faith truly is and stand up for it.


This is where this gem of a book enters in.

Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly was first published in the year 2002. Although written almost 10 years ago, Kelly’s insights on what could have led to this lukewarm reception of the faith nowadays still ring true today. Kelly lays down the resurrected philosophies that have failed in the past and have been making loud comebacks in the present age. Although, I think we have an inkling of what these are, reading the first few pages of Kelly’s book was truly an eye-opener. He then proposes how we, as Catholics, can respond to the seemingly degradation of the basics of our faith: be the “best-version-of-ourselves,” in other words, be authentic Catholics. He goes on further that this hungry generation long for people to show them what real love is…what charity is. This is something, I personally found myself guilty of.

The rest of the book brings the reader to the basics of the Catholic faith that will revitalize us as Catholics. Kelly suggests seven pillars that will help us become the “best-version-of-ourselves”: Reconciliation, Contemplation,The Mass, The Bible, Fasting, Spiritual Reading, and The Rosary.

What is awesome is that when you live in the U.S, they give this for free through: You just have to pay for shipping!

Overall, Rediscovering Catholicism is a good read. There are parts that are dragging to read but one has to look simply at the message of the entire book. It is a wake-up call for any Catholic who feels lost in the middle of what to believe in and what to do. It personally moved me as a missionary that to evangelize, strategies are not exactly needed (as the apostles and the saints didn’t even think of how they can change the world and how…well they simply lived out who they think they were called by God to be); one simply has to be REAL. To bring Christ to every Catholic…to every person who seeks Christ… is to be the person God wants us to be; what a Catholic ought to be.

I would end with a recently favorite line by St. Catherine of Siena that should probably inspire us to be the real images of Christ in this wounded world: “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!”

If you have loved ones in the States, this book should be the top of your wishlist. Happy Reading!


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