Gangnam Style. What style is that?

What is this about? It’s trending on Twitter, it has 90 million views (and counting). And all you hear is “Oppa Gangnam Style. Hey sexy lady.”

They dance a la bowlegged cowboy and… well, that’s it.

Is this what music is coming to nowadays? I remember in the 80s and 90s, even our dance music had a message. Our music had soul. There was a message. It would tug at your heart and make you spill water from your eyelids. Now, you hardly get music like that anymore.

And this is what is contributing to the current reality of the youth. Shallow music, strong beats, no message. Music is an art form that should make us feel that we are meant for much more than what we see and experience on Earth. it is a way to experience the Divine and know that there is life in eternity.

Yet, we again, hardly get that from music now. We are barraged with noise and senselessness. Making us look around and ask: “That’s it? Is this all we get?” Which leads to a whole host of other issues and problems.

We need a way back to the Divine. And music that makes sense, inspires us and lifts the soul is one way to do it.

[Shameless plug: Our LIVE FOR YOU album is one. And it is nominated for a Catholic Mass Media Award. Check it out here.]


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