We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

There’s a new song from Taylor Swift being blasted on the radio. She is known for talking (singing) about her love life, and no surprise that she has a song like this.

But what can we get out of it? It isn’t that when we break up we should stay broken up. Because every break up has consequences. It affects us and makes us trust less, and make us have a harder time making real connections with people in the future.

The message we should be sending to people – especially girls – is to choose well. First of all, focus on school when you are underage. There is no rush to get into relationships. Focus on making sure your future is secure with a good education.

And, when the time is right, use both your head AND heart in getting into a relationship. Consult your parents, involve them. And make sure that whoever wants to be in your life is ready to fight for you. Visit your home, and not be ashamed of you.

There is no rush in getting into a relationship. A relationship is a stepping stone to something better – a life blessed by God and used by God for families. So make sure that what you are doing is right with Him.

Taylor, you are popular because of all these songs based on your love life and the many relationships you are getting in and out of. But I wish you’d take it slow, because it is not the amount of money nor the fame that is important. What is important is you have a relationship that is right with God, and with Him at the center, build up a future that will inspire others to seek Him as well.


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