List of Catholic, Filipino Speakers!

We asked people to send in their suggestions for good, Catholic, Filipino speakers with this previous blog post. And the response was awesome! This time, we are posting the suggestions here.

You can still suggest people by commenting.

Once we get a complete (more or less) list, we will promote them and help them get around with speaking engagements and other projects like that. The least we can do to promote these defenders of the faith!

Here they are (alphabetical order):

1. Ike Abastillas

2. Dr. Ligaya Acosta

3. EJ Aguila

4. Jill Javelosa – Alvarez

5. Fr. Abe Arganiosa

6. Alvin Barcelona

7. Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer

8. Fr. Raprap Del Rosario

9. Fr. Mon Eloriaga

10. Fr. Johnny Go, SJ

11. Arun Gogna

12. Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB

13. Atty. Jo Imbong

14. Cocoi Javier

15. Rissa Singson – Kawpeng

16. Mnsgr. Frederick Kriekenbeek, HP

17. Fr. Michael La Guardia, SDB

18. Atty. Marwin Llasos

19. Michael Angelo Lobrin

20. Edwin Lopez

21. Fr. Jeff Manlapig

22. Jepoy Meneses

23. Dr. Raul Nidoy

24. Pat Oconer

25. Frank Padilla

26. Xavier Padilla

27. Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban

28. Anthony Perez

29. Fr. Nolan Que

30. Dylan Reyes

31. Bo Sanchez

32. Mariel Tesoro

33. Joseph Tesoro

34. Dr. Antonio Torralba

35. Raffy Urgino

36. Bernie Villegas



  1. Reposting my comment from the other topic, just in case. 🙂

    Sar Castillo
    His site-
    His idea stream-
    His company-

    He’s the Managing Director of Expectant Mind Consulting Solutions. He speaks and teaches leadership to improve governance, with a deep and intense focus on integrity, self knowledge & productivity and self driven change to make an impact in moving organizations to the next level.

    Most of his main leadership and integrity talking points are rooted in his early experience of serving in Community both in the Philippines (Campus-Based, South Sector and Cagayan de Oro) and briefly in South Africa as a Missionary.

    He also writes regularly on SarStream, his personal Idea Stream of a blog.

    What can I say? Love your own. 🙂

  2. Wilbert Bacudio
    he is a founder of Legacy of God Family,
    author of Youth Servant Leadership Weekend for the teens,
    co founder of BEC Prayer meeting in their comunity, Sampalok.

    Dhes Tenebroso
    she is 1 one of the builder of Legacy of god Family.
    speaker of Youth servant Leadership weekend.
    co founder of BEC Prayer meeting in Sampalok

    this two speaker start their mission at very young age as a facilatator, not only in terms of religiosity but also in terms of leadership, management, teambuilding and many more. now they have also a scholarship program for the youth using their own resources and ofcourse with faith and love. they are much active now serving their parish (jesus,the divine healer), and diocese of paranaque and other communities. active also in different ministries and groups.

    this two speakers have a powerful speaking style on how to deliver the message of God to the people. especialy the youth. they are good in teambuilding, leadership training, encounters with God, life in the spirit seminar, servant leadership and many more. and their service is offer with love, and for God. try it once and im sure you will never forget your experience with kuya wilbert and ate dhes.

  3. It is so appropraite to include in the list as best Catholic Filipino Speaker Father Mon Elioraga. He is indeed one of the best Priest of his time. He is very articulate everytime he delivers homilly. He tends to instill amongst mass goers lesson and learning. Filipinos are so blessed having him as a messenger of good news.

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