2013 Design Contest! Join now! PART 2 [DEADLINE OCTOBER 28]

Thank you for submitting, supporting, voting for entries during our Cover Photo Design Contest! You can see the winning cover photo on http://www.facebook.com/cfcffl

Now, time to put your creativity to work AGAIN! We are opening our contest for the CFC FFL 2013 official PLANNER COVER design!

This is open to any member of CFC FFL and the ministries. Any age, from anywhere. As long as you have an idea, and are willing to share it with us!

We are looking for a cover design for our 2013 Community Planner (like how coffee shops, etc have planners). Here is the peg:

John 14:12 

Faith works wonders!

BE + LI + EV = E // Belong to Jesus + Live like Jesus + Evangelize in Jesus’ name = Eternal Life


ENTRIES DUE BY OCTOBER 28, 2012. Email them to fliqmedia@gmail.com

LIKE http://www.facebook.com/cfcffl and FOLLOW http://www.twitter.com/cfcffl for UPDATES

VOTE ON http://www.facebook.com/cfcffl from OCTOBER 28 to NOVEMBER 4, 2012



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