Christmas and 2012



The year 2012 was a year of expansion for us at FLiQ Media. We got 3 more people who joined us fulltime! So aside from me, Tinay and Gay; now we have Marie, Vanie and Lee-An too!

We had our usual, yet level-upping, projects and programs: our websites, campaigns, Modern Day Prophet, FALU, STT. And, we also had starts (read: High Time); and “getting readies” (read: The Review, Font and Mothers). And still more ideas (our caravan, our movement and our school) that are just waiting to be born.

We stretched ourselves and pushed ourselves. Just as how it should be. I can still say we need more people. We basically have one person in charge of one kind of media (Radio, Print, Internet, (Internet) TV) and a growing and demanding Asia News website. And, like I mentioned, all these ideas that are waiting for people to put them into the world.

And all these opportunities and blessings because we said YES. And because we did not let any obstacles stop us from moving forward.

Thank you for a great 2012. This Christmas is a reminder of WHO we are doing this all for. For Jesus, and to let His life be known to the world. Because there are so many people starving for His love that never fades nor ends.

Looking forward to 2013. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– Xavier Padilla, Director, FLiQ Media


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