Thankful for 2012.

I really thank God for 2012 because He moved mountains in my life, showing me what he could do with my yes. I found a new family in FLiQ and they helped me grow. I can say that I am so different from who I was last year and I thank the people who never gave up on me and my craziness, most especially my parents who provided support and unconditional love.

I came into this ministry empty only to be filled with God’s grace and I continue to strive to be one with the creative mind of the most amazing artist ever and excitedly await his plans for 2013. You alone God are the sole reason I do what I do and take it every step of this journey as a means of becoming holy like you.

To those who follow us, thank you for supporting us and being part of our journey. May God continue to bless us and the work he has set for us! Greater things are definitely yet to come with a God like ours!!

Merry Christmas to you all, may your days be filled with his peace and love.


Lotsa love,

Tinay Mamaril, Producer and Editor, Modern Day Prophets and The Review


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