White Vote and Migz Zubiri! @migzzubiri


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  • Totally free health care and services, including hospitalization, in government hospitals and health facilities under the “No Balance Billing” program – amend the Universal Health Care Act
  • Oppose privatization of government hospitals
  • Strengthen government hospitals’ services including free medicines to patients
  • Upgrade government health centers and facilities


  • “Food for School Program” – provide free breakfast and lunch for public elementary and high school students
  • Strengthen linkages between government agencies and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in Research and Development.
  • Upgrade the salary grade of Teachers’ entry level from SG 10 to 18
  • Establish special education centers for special students in every DepEd school division through the enactment of Special Education Act
  • Enact Magna Carta for Students


  • Enact the National Land Use Act (NaLUA) and the Forest Preservation and Rehabilitation Act
  • Enact also the following:
    “Araw ng Kalikasan” for tree-planting and other environmental activities, and Magna Carta for Environment and Natural Resources Personnel Act (to protect and give benefits to environmental workers)
  • Establish more Protected Areas
  • Strengthen the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management capability of all LGUs
  • Monitor strictly the implementation of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Solid Waste Management Act


  • Enact the enabling law on the Framework Agreement on the proposed Bangsamoro Autonomous Region
  • Implement the Mindanao Railway System
  • Strengthen the cooperative sector
  • Amend the Consumer Protection Law to enhance consumer protection


  • Establish “food corridor” in every region
  • Establish also agricultural centers in every region and focus government funding in these areas
  • Enact the Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Act
  • Re-nationalize the municipal agricultural officers
  • Increase the real property tax on idle private agricultural lands

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