MDP Project and MDP Live! Soon on TV

The Modern Day Prophets brand has grown!

MDP Project is an online reality television show which aims to show that there is a prophet in every one of us; one that wants to speak the truth despite persecutions so that everyone would receive the invitation to experience God’s salvific love.

The show gathers youth and single men and women, well-grounded in their faith and convictions, to receive trainings and be given the opportunity to share how they see the truth in everyday things. This would allow the viewers to see that the Catholic faith is so alive and dynamic in the modern and secular world.

MDP LIVE is an offshoot of the Modern Day Prophet series but this time on radio. Its target audience is the youth so as to empower them as prophets from early on. Each episode carries a very relaxed and fun feel without compromising the catechism of the Catholic Church and personal reflections introduced to the show. The show will tap into the potential of many of the young, to see their everyday circumstances in the light of faith.

Watch for them this month from FLiQ Media.

Follow FLiQ Media through Facebook and Twitter. And MDP on Facebook and Twitter.


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