Live Pure Live! Soon on TV

The Pinoy teen of the new millennium lives in a borderless society where every kind of information is just a click away. While Internet and TV are predominantly the main sources of entertainment and information, radio remains a favourite medium nowadays. In many ways, media has perpetuated a flurry of ideas manipulating the young mind’s perspective of who they should be.  

With the advent and growing popularity of DJs like Papa Jack (True Love Conversations and Wild Confessions on 90.7 Love Radio), Francine Prieto (Xtra Xervice on 103.5 WOW FM) and Mo Twister (Good Times with Mo Podcast), the topic of human sexuality and love have long been argued, examined and talked about on air in a manner which can sometimes be misleading for the young. This media landscape has resulted in a generation of young people travelling on a winding path fogged by media’s illusions of what love, sex and relationships ought to be.

Hence, the answer of the Live Pure Movement is to create a radio show tackling the various issues, questions and dilemmas of young people when it comes to the same topics (of love, sex and relationships), and it will be tentatively called Live Pure Live! 

Watch for it this month from FLiQ Media.

Follow FLiQ Media through Facebook and Twitter. And Live Pure on Facebook and Twitter.


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