FLiQ Media launched 5 new shows last week. Everyday, a new show was uploaded onto YouTube (and on some days even Podomatic) for the enjoyment, education and entertainment of people. There were hitches with internet, rendering, and what have you, but at the end of the week, all shows were launched and are now being enjoyed by people.

On Monday: Family and Life Update – A weekly news show that deals with family and life issues especially in the Philippines and Asia.

On Tuesday: High Time – Your online barkada! Come and join the second season fun!

On Wednesday: Modern Day Prophets – Seeing the Truth in everyday things, every week showcases young people talking about God and our faith in easy to understand ways.

On Thursday: The Review – Your ticket to the good stuff! Latest things, movies and other pop culture stuff reviewed!

On Friday: LIVE PURE Tambayan – Let’s talk about courtship. Love. Relationships. All with people our age!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode. Here.

Thank you for your support!


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