It’s been a month since the shows started on YouTube, let’s see what are the popular ones:

10. FIRST WEEK HIGH of High Time. 670 views.

9. ESSENTIALS FOR JUNE of The Review. 843 views.

8. KEEPING UP WITH THE CARTOONS of The Review.  870 views.

7. WHO LOVES YOU THE MOST of Modern Day Prophets. 924 views.

6. ANG TIPO KONG LALAKI of Live Pure Tambayan. 991 views.

5. News feature on the RH Law of Family and Life Update. 1,275 views.

4. KA LOOK ALIKE of High Time. 1,395 views.

3. ANG TIPO KONG BABAE of Live Pure Tambayan. 1,614 views.

2. WHO’S GOT YOUR BACK of Modern Day Prophets. 1,676 views.


1. USO PA BA ANG HARANA of Live Pure Tambayan. 1,746 views.

Which one will reach 2,000 first?


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